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Thinking about the upcoming service at China Hill.

Abba’s House Ministries will be joining up with China Hill this Sunday, as Apostle Jerry McKinnon preaches morning and evening, and I will be leading worship.  Joshua Day and Rebecca Timberlake will be joining us also.

Thinking about maybe these songs (of course, I need to narrow down the list considerably!)
Joy to the World
Christmas Offering
Joyful (One Who Saves)
All the Heavens
Love Came Down
Let Us Adore Him


Worship.  To adore Him. To lift His name high. To bow before Him.  I live for this.

Today was a wonderful day of worship with new friends and old at China Hill .  One of the worship leaders was out recovering from back surgery, and so we were invited to come and assist in worship today.  So Josh and I joined the wonderful team there.

You Are Good (Bethel Live)
Furious (Jeremy Riddle)
Be Lifted High (Bethel Live)
Worthy is the Lamb that was slain (Brian Johnson)

It was a joy to worship, and to experience His great joy as members worshipped extravagantly!

Grace is a gift.

Healing is a gift.

Deliverance is a gift.

Do we ever do anything to earn a gift?  If we did so, would it truly be a gift?

According to the IRS, if we donate a sum of money and receive something in return, the accurate, reportable amount of the gift is ONLY the amount given in excess of what’s received.  For example, if I pay $200 for a charity dinner, and actually get to eat a steak valued at $30.00, my reportable gift amount is $270.00.  So let’s return to the question posed above….

Can we do anything to earn a gift?  Don’t think so, or it’s not truly a gift.

According to Ephesians 2:8, we are saved by grace, and it’s a gift.  The greek word for “saved” here in this verse indicates salvation, healing, deliverance, victory, prosperity, wholeness.  So, from this, we gather that salvation is a gift. Deliverance is a gift.  Healing is a gift.  All of these come to us by God’s awesome grace.  Can we do anything at all to earn healing or deliverance or victory or prosperity?  Anything at all?  According to this verse, it appears not.


Just pondering.

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